Monday, 8 December 2014

Wintering in Sicily

Not a bad shot with a phone camera eh! That's the temple of Concordia in the background fyi...

I have just started a new job and before that first day in the office I managed to squeeze a week of winter sun, winter storms and fantastic food in Sicily.

You can read all about my trip in the The Arbuturian, but when I get the time I plan to write something for here focused on the amazing food I had there. Of which there was plenty! Pasta con le sarde, penne a la Norma, cannoli, granita and brioche for breakfast etc etc. A glutton's dream, especially if you have a fishy and/or a sweet tooth!

If I don't manage another post before Christmas, I wish you a very merry one. And remember if you need any festive inspiration there's always my Christmas guide to keep you calm when the heat is on.

p.s. its goosey, goosey gander at mine this year - already thinking of all those lovely spuds roasted in the fat...

The view from the terrace from the Hotel Villa Carlotta in Taormina

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