As a reader of this blog, you will know of the quality of my writing. Consequently praise for it has come from the highest quarters...

"I really enjoyed your posts"

- Tim Hayward, award winning food writer for the Guardian and FT, and editor of Fire and Knives, the award winning magazine

"Your writing style is very enjoyable"

- Ash Lipkin, Editor in Chief, The Arbuturian

"Very enjoyable"

- A friend of a friend

"It's brilliant darling"

- Mrs J Leahy, my mother

"Gastrolad's a ponce"

- Mr J Leahy, my brother


  1. Excellent stuff Tom. Have you read Cooking with Fernet Branca - James Hamilton Paterson? I'm sure it would be a source of much inspiration.

    1. No I haven't, but many thanks for the tip. It is now sitting on my kindle waiting for me!