This page was actually suggested to me by one of my loyal readers, who was wondering where he should go for a dozen oysters on a Friday night. So if you have a burning food or drink related question , leave it in the comments section at the bottom and I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible!


  1. Gastrolad... I'm in desperate need of your help.

    The wife is gaggin' for a bloody good feed, which is exactly what I've promised her this Saturday night, but now it's time to deliver I just can't perform? What do you suggest?

    And if you happen to recommend a venue with outdoor seating there'll be a round of Génépi on me in Jan 2013!

    1. Well Vandarle. I glad you asked that question, as I have just the place up my sleeve. By the way, I'm going to assume that you're in London, if not tough luck. The place I have in mind is Bentley's Oyster Bar on Swallow Street, just off Picadilly. Perfect for an evening with the missus: oysters, champagne, and outdoor seating on their terrace...what more could she want?

      Regarding my reward, Genepi gave me probably the worst hangover of my life, so can I take it in some other form? Maybe a nice bottle of Savoyard white?