Saturday, 9 November 2013

Gastrolad is Delicious!

Dear readers, I have some good news to report. After two and half years of blogging away at the coal face of digital media, where a pay cheque is as rare as a good hotdog at Bubbledogs, I have had my big break. If you go to page 55 of December's edition of Delicious Magazine you will find an article by me on how to keep the peace in the kitchen when the temperature is rising  and you're trying to get that festive turkey out of the oven and onto the table to feed the massed ranks.

Obviously I can't reveal much more than that, so head down to the newsagent and pick up your own copy. If you can't find one, drop me a line though as my Mum has bought up the whole of Harrogate's supply to pass round friends and family!

Happy reading....

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