Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gastrolad likes no. 1: Asparagus and Lincolnshire Chine

Welcome reader, to this, the first in a new series of posts I'm entitling "Gastrolad likes". In addition to all the usual  restaurant reviews and recipes I post here, I intend "Gastrolad likes" to be an ever expanding collection of shorter entries on food (and possibly other) related things that I have come across and enjoyed. Whether that is a recent restaurant review in The Times, a blog post, magazine article, recipe, restaurant, cook book, or even my lunchtime sandwich.

To get us started here's last night's dinner...

Asparagus is coming into season at the moment and while in Stamford in Lincolnshire over the weekend I picked up a couple of skinny bunches for the relatively bargain price of three quid. Pairing the asparagus with some Lincolnshire chine, a fried egg and some toast, it made for a delicious dinner.

Lincolnshire chine is a delicacy particular to that part of the world, and the type of traditional, regional foodstuff that people get very hot under the collar about these days. It is essentially a raw ham into which pockets have been cut, stuffed with chopped parsley and then cooked. It is our own version of that French classic jambon persillé and well worth seeking out if you are in the locality and can find a decent butcher that stocks it.

p.s. I'm going to add a page at the top which will provide an index of all the "Gastrolad likes" posts for easy access.

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