Thursday, 31 March 2011

Welcome to my humble blog

So I've been in two minds for a while about starting some sort of food related blog. Given that you're reading this I've obviously overcome my objections, but what were they? For one, it seems I'm at least three years late to the party and that all the other bloggers have already got their book / TV deals in the bag. Secondly, there are such a plethora of blogs out there that I wasn't sure whether anyone would (and indeed will) read it, and given the number of professionals and amateurs already writing on the subject whether I had anything particularly new or interesting to say about what is essentially a fairly trivial subject. Thirdly, I'm a bit of a luddite and have in the past been scornful of people tweeting whilst eating, taking pictures in restaurants and putting them up on blogs etc. But, a number of factors have resulted in my conversion and I have made the journey over to the dark side.

What were these factors I hear you say...?
  1. Having just returned from a lengthy stint of off piste skiing in France I'm one of the unemployed masses and need something to occupy me between CV primping and job applications.
  2. To stop my girlfriend (who works in media) harassing me on the subject.
  3. I started to read a few of the other blogs and realised in my ignorance that they weren't all bad and some were pretty good (Dos Hermanos for example). 
  4. Finally, I must have developed just enough arrogance / self belief to think that actually I do have something interesting to say.
I suppose I should also explain the fairly moronic title of the blog. Well this was a nickname given to me by a mate when I first moved to London after university; he judged that I was spending far too many Saturday mornings wandering around the fruit and veg stalls of Borough Market, getting over excited at the sight of artichokes, asparagus and the like.

So there we are. I hope the blog will become a bit of a food and drink related miscellany, with a combination of recipes, my thoughts on various matters of the day (such as whether Masterchef is the worst programme on TV) and some restaurant related stuff as well. But I don't take any of this too seriously, so will try not to come across as just another food nerd.

And if all that hasn't put you off, my first official post is going to be something wild garlic related, so await with bated breath!

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